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April 24, 2007


WASHINGTON, DC, April 24, 2007. BossaNova founder and president Andrea Howe, and improv guru Shawn Westfall, were featured on the Sirius satellite-radio show BE HAPPY DAMMIT on Tuesday, April 24. A surprisingly effective match, improv comedy and corporate America, are the mixture sparking unexpected growth for BossaNova Consulting and the reasons Howe and Westfall were ideal guests for the show. Chosen from a select group of woman-run start-ups with memberships in Ladies Who Launch, Howe’s company offered the innovation and originality that Valerie Beaver — the Ladies Who Launch representative in charge of placement for the show —was looking for when she referred candidates.

“It was evident that Andrea is very motivated and professional, but that she also knows how to have a good laugh,” reports Beaver . “This is the perfect blend for the show, because the host’s Tuesday themes are EXTREME SUCCESS under the BE HAPPY DAMMIT moniker.”

Howe also had the type of distinctive business objective that the show host was looking for. “I am totally committed to bringing laughter and lightheartedness to the corporate world and the world at large,” she says.

With their banter and reports of successful improv-ing engagements, Howe and Westfall illustrated how their brand of comedy helps companies. “Improvisation teaches employees to think on their feet and to handle the unexpected,” related Howe. The practice of creating humor in an impromptu fashion also helps build trust among colleagues by removing barriers among people.

Howe and Westfall had great chemistry throughout the show with host Karen Salmansohn, a business coach who says her success is due to “Chutzpah…and persistence, and a sense of humor to laugh at failure.”

And Ladies Who Launch’s Beaver says the time is right for the BossaNova approach. “Many would agree that corporate execs have become too worried about what ‘someone else will think’ about them, so it is important to lighten up,” Valerie explained.

BE HAPPY DAMMIT is a Sirius satellite-radio show hosted by best-selling author Karen Salmansohn. The talk show has been described, “like Oprah merged with Jon Stewart.” BossaNova’s Howe and Westfall were featured on Tuesday, April 24th at 8:45am EDT on Lime Channel 114. Click here for more information about the show.

About BossaNova BossaNova Consulting Group, Inc. works with professional services firms that want to stand apart from their competition by being extraordinary in their client relationships. BossaNova's learning programs teach the art and science of building trust with a minimum promise of four to five times the typical return on training investment.


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