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September 15, 2006


WASHINGTON, DC, September 15, 2006. BossaNova Consulting Group, Inc., a company that teaches extraordinary experts how to be extraordinary consultants, announced a special promotion for its flagship business workshops based on improvisational comedy: “Work Can Be Fun(ny)” and “Improv-ing Business.”

In the professional services realm, clients pay a premium for advisors who are not only subject matter experts, but experts at listening, dealing with the unexpected, building trust-based relationships, checking their egos at the door, and making their clients shine. Unfortunately, these skills are often neglected and impossible to learn from traditional training seminars. Professionals who learn to be extraordinary improv-ers learn how to move beyond business advisor to trusted advisor.

“Performing improvisational comedy is a way to take your client relationship skills to the next level, create a sense of community in your company at lightening speed, and unwind from the daily grind – all while having the most fun you’ve ever had at work,” said Shawn Westfall, BossaNova’s Improv Guru.

“Look at any client relationship,” said Andrea Howe, BossaNova’s President and Founder. “You can plan all you want, but you really have no idea what’s going to happen in the next moment – how your client with react or what key stakeholders will do next. So you have to be ready for the unexpected, which means being ready to improvise. Except, in most cases, you’re usually under the gun with the clock ticking and it’s not all that much fun! Our improv workshops teach you how to do what you already do, but with more acuity and levity. We’re very excited about making these workshops more accessible to our clients.”

BossaNova’s “Work Can Be Fun(ny)” and “Improv-ing Business” are business workshops that are designed to be integrated into existing business agenda. They range from two hours to two days. Bossanova’s “keep laughing after Labor Day” special lasts through the end of September.

About BossaNova BossaNova Consulting Group, Inc. works with professional services firms that want more work at better rates with clients they love. BossaNova’s business workshops teach extraordinary experts how to be extraordinary consultants – with a minimum promise of four to five times the typical return on training investment.

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