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May 17, 2005


WASHINGTON, DC, May 17, 2005. BossaNova Consulting Group, a distinctive company that provides consulting expertise to consulting firms, today announced its incorporation as a Delaware-based C-corporation.

BossaNova is the reformation of Andrea Howe and Associates, Inc., a successful consulting practice that served large and small companies across a variety of industries. BossaNova's focus on the consulting industry reflects a strategic decision to serve a niche market with a specific need. "After four years of assembling an impressive client roster and doing great work in the areas of leadership and team development, we had an 'aha' that we should be focusing on the industry we know and love the best, which is consulting," said Andrea Howe, BossaNova's president and founder.

BossaNova's offerings are based on the premise that the key to winning more work at better rates with clients you love is to be an expert in the "intangibles" of consulting, not just in a particular subject area. "Let's face it, clients hire consultants for their 'technical' expertise, whatever it may be - technology, engineering, change management, or something else. But clients re-hire consultants when they experience them as extraordinary on all fronts," she continued. "Our first-hand knowledge of the consulting industry, combined with our expertise in the 'intangibles,' leaves us perfectly positioned to offer a unique and very valuable set of services."

The company name, which is Portuguese for "the new beat," or "the new way," reflects BossaNova's distinctive dedication to the "intangibles" of consulting, as well as BossaNova's belief that extraordinary consulting is far more art than science.

About BossaNova Consulting Group
BossaNova Consulting Group, Inc. provides an exclusive service: expertise to consulting firms in the "intangibles" of consulting. BossaNova's clients are successful firms that want more work at better rates with clients they love. BossaNova's Consulting in Action and related services turn extraordinary experts into extraordinary consultants.

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