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JUNE 24, 2007


GOBI DESERT, KASHGAR, CHINA , June 24 , 2007— BossaNova Consulting is proud to celebrate the sponsorship of Garrett Weiner, an Executive Search Consultant who has successfully completed the Gobi March, a seven-day run in the Gobi Desert near Kashgar, China.

The Gobi March is a self-sustained journey across 150 miles of desert extremes, including temperatures that range from freezing at night to over 100 degrees Fahrenheit during the day, and elevations ranging from 3,000 to 13,000 feet. It was founded in honor of three missionaries, Mildred Cable and two sisters -- Francesca and Eva French. Together, they traversed the Gobi Desert and beyond to feed orphans, heal the sick, educate girls, and provide comfort to people in extreme poverty. The Gobi March honors the vision of these missionaries by raising money for various charities dedicated to improving the lives of thousands of children and impoverished people all over the world.

"Andrea Howe is a dynamic and compassionate woman who has been both a mentor and inspiration to me. My successful finish would not have been possible without the support of sponsors like Andrea and BossaNova Consulting," said Garrett Weiner. "With their help, I raised over US$5,000 for Room to Read. The images of this race and the exposure to a very untouched part of the world will remain forever in my memory."

"Garrett's participation in the Gobi March is the very definition of extraordinary - both in terms of the nobility of the cause and the physical endurance required to train for and compete in the event. It was an honor to contribute to his efforts," said Andrea Howe, BossaNova's President and Founder.

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